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  • Antique Dapple Gray Pottery Horse Made by St Anthony’s Pottery England Circa 1800


    A lovely antique pottery horse made of pearl glazed creamware. The saddled horse is standing on a green-colored base. Sponge decorated in mottled shades of gray the horse has a blue striped saddle a light brown saddle strap and dark brown reins. The figure of the horse is naive and charming. The face is painted with the eyes just dots and the eyebrows each a single curved line. The colors are made with oxides painted under the glaze. The horse was made by the St. Anthony’s Pottery located in Newcastle Upon Tyne North East England.

    Ref. English Earthenware Figures 1740-1840 by Pat Halfpenny image and description on page 119 (the figure is from the collection of the City Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent, 47. P. 1963.

    Dimensions: 6 inches high, 2 inches wide, 6 inches long

    Condition: Excellent

  • Set of 12 Chinese “Laughing Boys” circa 1800


    From  the Collection of Mario Buatta
    A standout In Mario’s collection is this rare set of a dozen antique Chinese hand-painted “Laughing Boys”.

    One look and you see the individual personality of each boy. They are all happy and smiling, but each one has his own unique character.

    Made circa 1800 they wear clothing of that era. Their brightly colored jackets are exquisite and add to the joy they create.

    Dimensions: height ranging from 6″ to 7″ tall x 4″ across x 2.25″ deep

    Condition: Excellent

  • Large Blue and White Staffordshire Platter with Hunting Scene


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved blue and white, and he loved dogs. On this platter we have both! Made in Staffordshire circa 1830, the center of the platter shows a hound racing after a bird. Around the lively center scene is an exquisite border filled with beautiful flowers. This large platter is in the form of a “Well and Tree” platter, with troughs formed into the body and a deep well at one end. This configuration allows the juices of meats being cut on the platter to drain into the well.

    Dimensions: L 20.75 in. x W 17.25 in.

    Condition: Overall the condition is excellent. The platter has slight rubbing to underside high points where the bottom of the platter touches the table.

  • Blue and White Staffordshire Saucer Showing Dogs


    From the Collection of Mario Buatta
    Mario loved dogs! In many of the homes he decorated he hung paintings of hounds and spaniels throughout the rooms. Here we have a small but exquisite dish showing a pair of hounds at rest. The wide border is filled with flowers and leaves in a traditional Staffordshire style of the Regency period. The lively deep cobalt blue adds to the beauty of the dish.

    Made circa 1820 the dish is marked with the factory mark of Ralph and James Clews. The Clews factory was located in Stoke-on Trent in Staffordshire.

    Dimensions: Dm 6 in.

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Antique Pottery Horse Made in England at St. Anthony’s Pottery, circa 1800-1810


Showing 1–5 of 28 results