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  • Sprig Decorated Set of Large Soup Dishes

  • Set of Dozen Antique Italian Porcelain Dishes from the 18th Century

  • Wedgwood Antique Creamware Dinner Service with Gilded Chevrons England ca. 1820


    This large and extensive Wedgwood creamware dinner service is decorated with a border featuring gold chevrons set between two enameled blue lines.

    The creamware body has a warm look. The elegant gold chevron decoration along the borders creates a formal feeling. The combination of the soft creamware and the geometric ornament along the border is beautiful.

    In this extensive service are two elegant soup tureens. They have knobs rising from painted leaves decorated with gilt and blue enamel. These tureens are described in the 1790 Wedgwood catalog found in the Wedgwood Museum as “pearl-glazed Queensware soup tureen and stand shape # 3”. Josiah Wedgwood’s creamware gained recognition when King George III and his consort, Queen Charlotte decided to favor local artisans to boost the country’s economy. A tea set was presented to the palace in the last quarter of 1765. Wedgwood then renamed his creamware pottery “Queensware”. In the late 18th and early 19th century Wedgwood Queensware was the first English pottery which for elegance and perfection of potting could compete successfully with the porcelain production of the European continent.

    Condition: Excellent.

  • Wedgwood Creamware Dishes with Gilded Chevrons on the Border, ca. 1820

  • Large Set of Wedgwood Creamware Dinner Plates with Thistle Design


    We are pleased to offer this set of 30 Wedgwood creamware dinner plates with a thistle design. These English creamware dinner plates date to the late 19th century. They have a lovely, simple design decorated with flowering thistle boughs done in the japonisme style. Japonisme involved Western arts with a Japanese aesthetic focused on asymmetrical compositions, and elements of color and line.
    Made circa 1880, the back of each dish is stamped “Wedgwood.”

    Dimensions: The plates measure a generous 9.85 inches in diameter.

    Condition: Excellent

    Price: $1,800 per dozen – These dishes can be purchased as a group or by the dozen. Please contact us for more information.

Showing 11–15 of 26 results