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  • Large Mochaware Bowl with Both Cable and Marbled Decoration


    We are pleased to offer this exceptionally large and rare mid-19th century English mochaware bowl. Each piece of mochaware is unique. Made in England circa 1840, this bowl is decorated on the inside with a three-color cable of dark brown, light blue, and light brown. The cable decoration covers most of the inside of the bowl. The ground on the inside of the bowl has two colors of brown slip. Over approximately two-thirds of the bowl, the ground is a medium brown. On the remaining third, the light brown ground is several shades lighter. The mix of colors, dark brown, light brown, and light blue, is appealing.
    The outside of the bowl is decorated with three color slip in a cable decoration with an
    unusual marbled effect on a white pearl-glazed creamware ground.
    We must say that we have never seen a mochaware bowl this large and this beautiful.

    Dimensions: 11.25 inches diameter x 5.25 inches tall

    Condition: Very Good. There is a star-shaped hairline on the underside of the bowl which does not go through to the base (see image #8).

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