18th Century French Faience Puppy Made in Rouen Circa 1760


WHY WE LOVE IT: Her attitude!
We are pleased to offer this 18th century Rouen Faience figure of a puppy naturalistically modeled, painted with floppy ears, bulging eyes, and a topknot. He is seated on a green rectangular base. This charming puppy will make a wonderful addition to any dog lover’s home. Requiring little care except for an occasional dusting.

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Background of Faience

Faience is the conventional name in English for fine tin-glazed pottery on a buff earthenware body. The name comes via French as a term for Italian Majolica from Faenza in northern Italy. The invention of a white pottery glaze suitable for painted decoration, by the addition of an oxide of tin was a major advance in the history of pottery. The invention seems to have been made in Iran or the Middle East before the 9th century.

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