18th Century Sèvres Covered Bowl



A Sèvres soft-paste porcelain covered bowl hand painted with exquisite flowers and leaves. The detailed painting is extraordinary. For example, the green leaves each have several gradations of the color green and individual highlights of yellow, orange, or light blue. Royal blue and gold decorate the foot of the bowl and the handle which is in the form of entwined branches. The rims are gilded along both the outside and inside edges. The edge of the cover is gilded with a simple dentil decoration.

Sèvres is a particularly documented factory. Painters and gilders were allowed to add their ‘mark’ on pieces they worked on in order to identify themselves. Many of these painters and the pieces they worked on are noted in factory records now held in the archives at Sèvres. On the underside this bowl is marked with an interlacing L’s mark in blue, with date letter ‘L’ for 1764, and artist’s letter ‘G’, for Gremont.

Up until the 1770s Sèvres porcelains (like our covered bowl) were soft-paste. On Sèvres soft-paste porcelain the painted colors seem to sink into the porcelain whereas on the later hard-paste porcelain the colors seem to sit on top of the underlying porcelain. Hard paste is glassier in texture than soft paste.

Another special characteristic of this Sèvres bowl is the small hole that appears on the inside of the foot rim. Its purpose was to allow for expansion and contraction during the firing.


Height 4.75″, width 6″, depth. 4.75″






For a reference work listing the painters’ marks and date codes see the book by David Peters, Sèvres plates and services of the 18th century.

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