Pair Dragons in Compartments Breakfast Cups and Saucers Hand Painted



WHY WE LOVE IT: This wonderful pattern is also known as Bengal Tiger, or Kylin in Compartments. It was first made by Worcester in the 18th century. The pattern is an exotic English interpretation of Chinese export porcelains from the Kangxi period.

A pair of Chamberlain Worcester porcelain tea cups and saucers in the “Dragon in Compartments” pattern. The tea cups are a generous size of approximately eight ounces. They are painted with mythical beasts alternating with vases all within lappet-shaped panels.

The saucers are marked on the reverse with the Chamberlains Worcester mark “75” in iron red. This mark dates the group to 1795-1805. We are happy to send images of the mark upon request.


cups are Dm 3.75 in. x H 2.5 in. and the saucers are Dm 6 in. x H 1.5 in.




$1,100 for the pair of cups and saucers. We are happy to sell an individual cup and saucer.


The painting and gilding of the Chamberlains Worcester factory met the highest standards of porcelain manufacturers during the period, and the factory enjoyed royal patronage. Robert Chamberlain and his son Humphrey were responsible for the decoration and gilding of the porcelains made in the original Worcester factory during the 1770s and 1780s. In 1793 they opened their own porcelain manufactory in Worcester.

According to “Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852” by Geoffrey Godden, “A very popular Oriental-styled pattern is the one known as Dragon it is today often called Tiger. At that time factory records show that a large Gallon Punch bowl sold for 220 pound sterling.” At that time that was an astounding price for a porcelain bowl. By 1800 the Chamberlain Worcester factory was well established. Chamberlains Worcester and Flight Barr Worcester were the two leading manufacturers of English porcelains of the time.


Chamberlain Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852 by Geoffrey Godden.

Decorator’s Tip

Pair green French Feuillet dinner plates with these orange cups and saucers for a lovely table setting.

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