Animalia Life-Size Model of a Rabbit Hand-Painted Made of Terracotta


This is a lovely life-size hand-painted rabbit expertly modeled in terracotta. Combining a high-quality model and terrific painting with great attention to detail created this realistic sculpture that is so life-like. She has personality: sitting contentedly, looking at the viewer. Possibly she’s waiting for a handful of lettuce. Made in Austria in the late 19th century, our rabbit measures 12″ long x 10.75″ x 6″ across. Since we found her in England, most likely, she was made for the English market. In Victorian England, animal figures of lions, cows, dogs, and other animals were quite popular. But, a figure of a rabbit is an unusual find.

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Background of Cold-Painted Austrian Animals

Sculptures of animals,  or “animalia sculpture,” first became popular in early 19th century Paris, with the early works of Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875). By the mid-19th-century, a taste for animal subjects as sculptures was widespread in Europe. From the 1870s-1890’s Austrian workshops were known for their excellent cold-painted terracotta animals, which were fired in the kiln and then hand-painted. Thus, the process was known as “cold-painted.”

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