Antique Blue and White Delft Barber’s Bowl Netherlands, circa 1780


This blue and white Dutch Delft barber’s bowl (scheerbekken) is a beautiful and fascinating artifact that provides insight into the history of barbers in the late 18th century (circa 1780) and the decorative arts of the Dutch during this period. The hand-painted cobalt blue decoration on the bowl is typical of traditional Dutch Delftware. The central garden scene of flowers and rockwork within concentric lines is a classic motif of the 18th century. The large tulip bulbs on the border of the bowl are also a common element found in traditional Delftware designs.

Dimensions: 10.5″ diameter x 3.25″ deep

Condition: Very Good, with some invisible restoration to the rim

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A barber’s bowl was essential in providing their customers with a close and clean shave. With its shallow basin and inward-sloping rim, the bowl’s design allowed the customer to rest their chin on the bowl while the barber shaved their face. The semicircular opening in the rim was a key feature that allowed the bowl to fit closely against the neck of the person being shaved. Barbers would often hang their bowls on the wall when not in use as a way to keep them easily accessible and to show off their beautiful designs. That the bowl is in very good condition, with only some small invisible restoration to the rim, is remarkable considering its age.

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