Antique Blue and White Delft Plates


A set of five antique blue and white delft plates painted in a medium cobalt blue. These delftware dishes were made in the mid-18th century most probably in Lambeth, London. This set of dishes shows a garden scene with a butterfly hovering over a large peony. The painting of the scene is exceptional. The artist has a lively style of painting with free brushwork. He achieves a beautiful effect by the use of hatching with short horizontal and vertical brushstrokes using straight lines to fill in the outlines of the scenery. One exceptional image is the tree on the left side of the plate. At the bottom of the dish we see the gnarled branch of the lower part of the tree. The middle part of the tree disappears off the left side of the plate only to return at the top of the dish with branches dramatically hanging over the scene.


H 1 in. x Dm 8.75 in.


Excellent. Small edge frits invisibly restored.


$1,460 for the pair of dishes

The difficulty of exact attribution arises from several considerations: the use of only a few sources for clay, the very few pigments available for coloring the wares, and the movement of a relatively small group of workers between the various factories.

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