Antique Blue and White Delftware Carafe “Boy”


This charming mid-18th century English delftware carafe features the word “Boy” painted in underglaze sky blue on a light blue ground.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, the term “Boy” was used to address a male of any age, indicating familiarity or friendship.
This type of delftware carafe was first made in England at Aldgate in the last quarter of the 17th century.
Most likely, this carafe was made to hold beer served in a tavern.
It has two small loop handles on each side so that it could be hung on a wall when not in use.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, carafe bottles like this were made in both England and The Netherlands for export to England.
A carafe like this might have inscriptions, labels, dates, names, or, like ours, a sign of goodwill and friendship.
Beer was a crucial part of the daily diet for many people in 18th-century England. It served as a source of hydration and provided necessary calories and nutrients. Due to inadequate sanitation practices and the unreliable availability of safe drinking water, beer was often consumed as a safer alternative to water.
Dimensions: Height 8 in. x Diameter 5 in.
Condition: Excellent. Small expected glaze skips on the high points where the original glaze did not stick.
Price: $800

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Background of Delft: The technique of making Delft was first described in writing by Gerrit Paape in “The Delft Pottery Maker,” written in 1794, and dedicated to Lambertus Sanderus, the owner of De Porceleyne Claeuw (The Porcelain Claw). Delft faience began in the 17th century. Much of the most beautiful Delft was produced in the Dutch city of Delft. The Delft potters began to coat their pots thoroughly in a white tin glaze. They then covered the white tin-glaze with a clear glaze, giving depth to the fired surface and smoothness to cobalt blues. Over time they created a good resemblance to porcelain. By circa 1650, the technical skills of the potters and painters were much improved, and Delft began its golden age.



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