Antique Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl



A beautiful Japanese blue and white porcelain covered bowl dated to the early Edo period (circa 1760). The body of this bowl has a smooth texture with soft luster, typical features of the Arita ware made in the Kyushu Island of southern Japan. The depiction of pine trees and cranes creates a heavenly atmosphere, which is often reserved for sages and deities in Japanese culture. The pine trees and cranes also stand for rectitude, purity, and longevity, all of which are acclaimed attributes that potential viewers would aspire to have.

Our bowl is an exemplar of the tranquil beauty that early Japanese blue and white porcelain is well known for.


H 6.5 in. x Dm 8.5 in.






Starting in early seventeenth century, Kyushu artisans launched porcelain manufacturing in the area of Hizen (today’s Arita-cho in Saga Prefecture) when Chinese Jingdezhen porcelain production was in decline due to civil wars. Using native kaolin clays, Hizen potters integrated Chinese motifs into their Japanese designs.

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