Mochaware Mug



An exceptional and rare mochaware pint mug. The top of the mug is decorated with a band of lavender slip. Below the band is a rare design of combed slip in three colors: lavender, light blue, and midnight brown. The unique design is created by the artist combing the wet slip downwards. The process of combing the slip was rare. The handle of the mug has beautiful foliate terminals.


Jonathan Rickard lists this type of decoration in “Mocha and Related Dipped Wares 1770-1939” in a section entitled “Combinations and Other Oddities”, pages 106-121. According to Rickard, “A further enhancement of the marbling process involved the use of a tool that functioned much like a comb by dragging the toothed tool through the wet marbling in a … constant direction.”  See page 24 in Jonathan Rickard’s “Mocha and Related Dipped Wares 1770-1939.”


H 4.75 in. x Dm 3.5 in.


Excellent. The underside of the bottom of the mug with some excellent invisible restoration.



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