Antique Wedgwood Black Basalt Jar



This antique Wedgwood Black Basalt jar was thrown on a wheel. Rising from a small foot it has bands of both straight and curved incised lines. The combination is sophisticated and understated, yet eye-catching.

Our vase was made in the Arts & Crafts Period, during the last quarter the 19th century. It has traditional craftsmanship, but a modern look.


Black Basalt stoneware was created and first produced by Josiah Wedgwood in 1768. Writing to his partner, Thomas Bentley in 1774 Wedgwood states, “The Black is sterling and will last forever.” Wedgwood’s Black Basalt has been popular ever since.

The Wedgwood Commonplace book of 1789 records a formula for making Black Basalt: “20 Blue ball clay 5 cacined carr one and a half calcined manganese These to be measured in the slip.”


H 8.5 in. x Dm 7 in.





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