Blue and White Dutch Delft Charger Hand Painted at The Claw Circa 1760


This elegant mid-18th century blue and white Delft charger was hand painted in shades of cobalt blue.
At the heart of the design, we see a vase overflowing with flowers and leaves.
As if caught in a gentle breeze, some leaves fall gracefully on either side of the vase, adding movement to the composition.
A floral wreath of cobalt blue flowers rings the center.
The very wide border is decorated with nine panels, each showing a vase filled with a single large rose and other smaller flowers.
The deep blue edge is delicately lobed, which adds to the visual interest of the charger.
The underside with mid-18th century marks for the De Paeuw (The Claw) factory in the city of Delft.
We also find a paper label on the underside for the 20th century Dutch antique dealer, Alberge et Fils.

Dimensions: 13.75″ diameter x 2.35″ height

Condition: Excellent with small edge frits invisibly restored

In stock

Background of Delft

The Delft industry in the Netherlands began in Antwerp in the 15th century.
Protestant artisans forced to leave Antwerp due to religious pressure migrated to the northern Netherlands in the 16th century and established the pottery industry primarily in Delft.
The pottery makers in Delft began producing tin glazed earthenware in Chinese porcelain style to fill the market void caused by a war in China. As a result, the Delft pottery industry became very successful and eventually had a range of styles, including European subjects and original styles. At its peak, the city of Delft had almost 40 factories making Delftware.

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