Blue and White Porcelain Jars Set of 3 Antique Made by Saint-Cloud c.1720-1740 France



We are proud to offer this set of three small Saint Cloud blue and white porcelain jars.

According to W.B. Honey, the typical blue-painted Saint-Cloud Porcelain “is one of the most distinct and attractive of porcelains and not the least part of its charm lies in the quality of the material itself.”

We can date these jars to the period between 1720- 1740, as circa 1720 the Saint-Cloud factory began to produce this type of blue and white soft-paste porcelain wares. After 1740 the factory cut back entirely on production of blue and white and concentrated on production of white wares without blue decoration. The early porcelain produced in Saint-Cloud was influenced by late Ming blue and white porcelain, and the Saint Cloud motifs were based directly on Chinese originals.

These Saint-Cloud blue and white jars are marked with the painter’s marks “A” and “W.”

This pair is part of our collection of St. Cloud and other early French porcelains.


Diameter 2″ x 2.5″ Tall






For two images of Saint-Cloud jars in this pattern see: “Collection Grands Artisans d’Autrefois Connaissance des Arts: les porcelainiers du XVIII siècle français” pgs 49 and 80.