Chinese Blue and White Kraak Bowl made circa 1640



We are pleased to offer this Chinese blue and white Kraak bowl made circa 1640. The central panel is painted with cloud and rui decoration in gray-blue cobalt. This is a style that can be found frequently in Late Ming and Qing Imperial Chinese decorative designs. The potting of the bowl is thin and delicate. The glaze is smooth. The shape of this bowl is somewhere between a deep dish and a shallow bowl (it is 2.5″ deep x 8.25″ diameter). It was made for export to the Dutch market. The Dutch name for this type of Chinese export bowl is Klapmuts.

In seventeenth century Europe soups and stews were staples of the diet, and there was strong demand for this type of bowl. The decoration of our bowl is in the “Kraak” style. The cavetto of our bowl has traditional decoration of four oblong panels alternately filled with floral sprays and auspicious symbols which convey a wish for happiness and good luck. Each panel is seated in a vertical segment which extends to the rim of the bowl. The underside of the bowl is also decorated with four panels each showing a single flower. This type of decoration is often found on Chinese export wares of this period.

For more information on this type of bowl See Maria Rinaldi “Kraak Porcelain, A Moment in the History of Trade” page 106.


2.5″ deep x 8.25″ diameter