Chinese Red Long-Neck Vase and Stand


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A large Chinese crimson red long-neck vase dating to early 19th century. Evenly covered in a rich, deep red glaze, the vase has a bulbous body that is elegantly potted.

The crimson glaze, or ji hong in Chinese, was popular during the Xuande reign of the Ming dynasty as the supreme color applied onto vessels used during stately ceremonies. As it was hard to fire pure deep red glaze and off color wares were not accepted by the ruling class, the crimson glaze was rare and treasured. The rim of the vase mouth is intentionally reserved in white, a feature echoing the deep red wares made during the Xuande period.

Our vase is perfect in both potting and glazing. The wooden stand further elevates the dramatic appeal of the piece. Bold in color and elegant in form, the monochrome vase will add a refreshing touch to any minimalist or traditional home.


H 17.25 in. x Dm 11 in.





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