Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl Antique



A large Chinese Kangxi porcelain blue and white punch bowl hand-painted in underglaze cobalt blue, circa 1700. The outside of the bowl is divided into six panels. Each panel is well painted with a unique and lively scene. Each scene is painted in the traditional style of the Kangxi period.

One panel shows two kylins in a garden. In Chinese tradition, the kylin is an auspicious symbol appearing only during the reign of a just and righteous emperor who brings peace and harmony to his people. A second panel shows a deer, a crane and a pine tree which are symbolic of the longevity which the giver of the bowl wishes for the receiver. A third panel shows birds in a flower filled garden.

The lower part of the bowl is molded in the form of a lotus-flower with twelve traditional petals which are painted on the outside of the bowl with a variety of flowering plants. In the well of the bowl is a traditional scene showing a scholar’s garden with peonies and a pierced scholar’s rock. The inside rim of the bowl is decorated with a continuous border of flowering branches.


H 7.25 in. x Dm 13.5 in.





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