Chinese Bowl Decorated with Imari Colors



This Chinese Imari porcelain bowl, made during the reign of the Daoguang Emperor in the mid 19th century, is painted with buds and blossoms of chrysanthemums and peonies. The flowers are placed in a vibrant red double-handled vase, which is decorated with a poetic lotus flower. The bowl is further adorned on the rim with pink enamels showing cherry blossoms and floral cartouches (the pink enamels are slightly faded).

The bowl has an unusual shape with a cut-out in the rim.  It was originally used as a barber’s bowl.

Since the Song Dynasty Chinese scholars have believed that the lotus is a symbol of purity and virtue because although it grows in muddy ponds, it remains clean and white. The most famous poetry on this subject is Zhou Dunyi’s “Admiration for Lotus Flowers.”


Dm 10.25 in. x H 2.75 in.


Small edge chips invisibly restored.



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