Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl


A delicate blue and white Chinese porcelain bowl, made during the Daoguong reign, between 1820-1850. The bowl is hand-painted in the traditional, elegant Ming style. The outside of the bowl is decorated with large flower heads, and along the top edge a border of scrolling vines. The inner rim shows a pagoda, rocks, and willow trees.

In the well is an inscription which reads “Made in the Chenghua reign of the Great Ming Dynasty.” Similar to the inscription in the well, the inscription on the underside of the bowl reads “Made in the Chenghua reign of the Great Ming.”

It is common for Chinese later Qing porcelains to bear earlier reign marks from Ming or earlier Qing dynasties. The Chinese potters put earlier and incorrect attribution on many pieces. The marks can be seen as a symbol that the artisan is paying homage to traditional technique and patterns.


H 4 in. x Dm 8.5 in.





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