Coalport Admiral Nelson Shell Shaped Dishes, England, circa 1810



Why We Love It:

The intensity of the Imari colors and the wonderful pink spotted lion.

This pair of Coalport Admiral Nelson shell shaped dishes was hand painted in England during the Regency period, circa 1810. They are decorated in a traditional, vibrant Imari palette. Each shell shaped dish is richly gilded and painted in cobalt blue and iron red. The central scene shows a traditional Imari image of a vase on a garden terrace. But, the border of each dish shows a whimsical pink lion and turquoise water birds which were never seen in Japanese Imari (the lion is in the border on the right side. The water birds are on the left side). They are the distinguishing characteristics of the Coalport Admiral Nelson pattern.


8″ height x 8.25″ width





In the shop we also have a set of a dozen plates, a pair of square dishes, three oval-shaped dishes, and a centerpiece, all in the Admiral Nelson pattern.

Background of English Imari: Several of the English porcelain manufacturers of the Regency period were inspired by the style of Japanese Imari wares. Coalport and Chamberlains Worcester in particular produced a number of Imari influenced patterns. The most popular of all was the “Admiral Nelson” pattern.