Collection of Antique Delft with Chinoiserie Decoration Late 17th and Early 18th Centuries



This collection of early antique delft with chinoiserie decoration has the light cobalt coloring typical of late 17th and very early 18th century Dutch ceramics. On each of these five pieces delft craftsmen wove Dutch technique into popular Chinese and Japanese designs.

The vase has a typical early delft shape but the artisan made it exotic by drawing Japanese-style figures on the body. A group of Japanese beauties, dressed in kimono, are indulging themselves in a picturesque landscape framed by pine trees. Above and below the scenery is a register of banana leaves. The inspiration for this decorative design comes from Chinese porcelain.

On one of the four chargers we see Asian figures once again depicted in nature. Here are two Chinese men in a private setting. The gentleman who is resting against the Taihu rock is the master of the house while the young man standing beside him with a tray in his hand is likely to be his servant.

The three other chargers are painted in a typical kraak-style, 17th century, composition in which a central roundel is framed by eight petal-shaped decorative panels. The central panels on two of the chargers feature chinoiserie figures in a natural environment. On the third a large pot of flowers and scrolls is depicted. These chinoiserie scenes exuded a sense of charm to early 18th century Dutch consumers. The light cobalt color used on this set further added an elegant and refreshing touch.

The collection consists of:

1) A Dutch delft vase made in the 17th century circa 1680, H 12 in. x Dm 5.5 in., $2,400

2) A Dutch delft charger showing two men in a garden setting, H 2.35 in. x Dm 14 in., $1,600

3) A Dutch delft charger showing a figure in a garden setting, made circa 1690, Dm 10.25 in., $1,300

4) A Dutch delft charger showing a group of figures in a garden setting, made circa 1690-1710, Dm 13.5 in., $1,500

5) A Dutch delft charger showing a basket of flowers surrounded by Chinese style symbols, Dm 12.75 in., $1,400

The special price for the whole group is $7,300.

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