Collection of Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain




This group of Chinese polychrome porcelain will provide beautiful colors and designs for your home! Each piece is delightfully colorful with interesting symbolism and details.

The Famille Rose ginger jar dates to the last quarter of the 19th century in the Guangxu Period. It is hand-painted with flowers, bats, and the Chinese “shou” character. The bats, a homonym of “blessing” in Chinese, symbolize good fortune in Qing Chinese decorative arts. The “shou” character, meaning longevity, conveys a good message of long life to all viewers of the jar. The base of the jar is painted with a band of lotus petal panels.

An exquisite Chinese porcelain hunt bowl painted in Famille Rose over-glaze enamels. The strong color palette and rich decoration are hallmarks of Chinese export hunt bowls of the 18th century. The shape of the bowl is traditional: raised on a short foot with steep sides. Made in the Qianlong Period, circa 1770, the bowl is hand-painted showing Western figures riding to the hunt in a lush green landscape.


11 inches diameter x 4.75 inches tall



The large yellow punch bowl is beautifully decorated in Famille Rose colors. It features vibrant dragons and phoenixes painted in pink and green on a lemon yellow ground below a border of ruyi. In the well of the bowl is a shou character. This bowl dates to the Guangxu era of the Qing Dynasty, 1875-1909.


15.5″ diameter x 6.5″ tall



This beautiful small porcelain bowl made in the late Qing dynasty, 1875-1909, is hand-painted with vegetation, flowers, and the Chinese character “shou,” meaning longevity. The “shou” character executed in the seal script style is inscribed on the outer wall four times. This auspicious character has long been cherished by people in China for over 2,000 years, and was widely incorporated in Ming-Qing porcelain decoration. People see the character as a wish for longevity and immortality. The outer wall of the bowl is richly enameled with a bright yellow background, upon which green leaves and rose-colored flowers are depicted.

The pattern gracing the inside of the bowl further echoes the theme of longevity. A peach is depicted with luxuriant leaves against a yellow backdrop. According to Daoist legend, Queen mother of the West grew peaches of longevity in her heavenly garden. It was believed that these peaches could help anyone who eats them achieve immortality. Together, the decorations on the bowl clearly convey the blessing of longevity to viewers. It would be a perfect gift for a birthday celebration!

At the bottom of the bowl, we find a six-character inscription reading “Made in the Yongzheng Reign of the Great Qing Dynasty.”


4.75 inches diameter x 2.5 inches tall



The collection consists of four pieces:

1) Famille rose ginger jar with floral and shou decoration, H 10 in. x Dm 8.5 in., $4,600

2) Antique porcelain hunt bowl, H 4.75 in. x Dm 11 in., $7,600

3) Small bowl with longevity character, H 2.5 in. x Dm 4.75 in., $2,400

4) Large yellow punch bowl, H 6.5 in. x Dm 15.75 in., $7,600

The special price for the whole group is $19,500.

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