Creamware Mochaware Bowl Decorated with Trees circa 1800


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WHY WE LOVE IT: We love all mocha ware. This is in a class by itself! The creamy inside set against the vivid burnt orange reminds us of a sunset.

This beautiful and rare creamware mocha ware bowl, created ca. 1800, has a thin yellow band of impressed decoration around the top edge. Below that is a broadband of orange slip which is decorated with marvelous brown “trees.” Each “tree” is unique.

In his book Mocha and related dipped wares, 1770-1939, Jonathan Rickard states “The most recognizable type of mocha decoration is the tree.” The tree-like pattern is the result of a dynamic process in which the contact line between two liquids, the acidic dark brown coloring, and the alkaline slip becomes unstable. The instability is driven by the acid/base chemical reaction. Rickard explains the process: Instead of leaving the pot on the lathe, the turner removed it and carefully held it bottom-up. Then he dipped the brush into the dark brown acidic concoction and touched the brush just outside the bottom edge of the broadest slip band, whereupon the dark brown coloring ran quickly downwards while spreading its branches.

The contrast between the simple and pure creamware inside the bowl and the strong design on the outside of the bowl enhances both.


5 inches diameter x 2.75 inches tall





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