Davenport Oak Leaf Pattern Plate Made in England, circa 1810



Why We Love It: The dish is marvelously colored and certainly stunning!
A rare Davenport pearlware oak leaf pattern plate. The leaves are picked out in vibrant colors of yellow, green, orange and turquoise. The combination of colors is beautiful and bold. The oak leaf decoration is molded and raised.
This type of ware was considered flamboyant when first introduced, circa 1810. It did not accord with the neoclassical restraint that typified the predominant Regency style of the period.
The underside of the dish is impressed “Davenport” with the Davenport anchor mark.
Dimensions: 8.25″ diameter
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1100
Background of Davenport
The firm of Davenport were “Manufacturers to their Majesties” of earthenware and china. The company began in the late 18th century in 1794 and produced wonderful ceramics in Longport, Staffordshire until 1887.