Delft Charger Hand Painted Polychrome Lambeth, London, England, circa 1750


This exquisite delft charger offers a glimpse into the artistic and cultural history of mid-18th century London. It was carefully crafted by hand at the High Street Lambeth factory, founded by Henry Hodgson Jr in 1732 within the historic Hereford House. The building had once served as the London residence of the Bishops of Hereford, adding an extra layer of historical resonance to this charger. Dating back over 250 years to circa 1750, the charger depicts a garden scene with a unique design. The colorful palette features hues of purple, yellow, medium blue, green, and orange under a light blue glaze creating a harmonious effect. At the center, a blue lozenge-shaped hollow rock is shown sprouting flowers and leaves, with five mountains sketched into the background, adding depth and complexity to the image. The rim of the charger is adorned with four groups of flowers, each centered on a yellow sunflower, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to the overall design.

Dimensions:13.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height.   Condition: Excellent with tiny edge frits invisibly restored to preserve its beauty.

Reference: See English Delftware in the Bristol Collection, by Frank Briton, pg 194, plates 12.39, where Briton states, ” In the centre a lozenge-shaped hollow rock sprouting flowers and leaves outlines in blue and shaded red. Round the rim, four groups of flowers centred on a sunflower face. The decoration in blue, red, green, and yellow on a pale blue glaze”.Probably (made) London.”

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To further appreciate the history and artistry behind this charger, readers should consult “English Delftware in the Bristol Collection” by Frank Britton, which features an image and detailed description of this pattern on page 194—additionally, an article by F H Garner on “Lambeth Earthenware” (pl.XIV(b), in the English Ceramic Circle Transactions vol. 1, no.4 1937, pp 43-66, showcases a shard of this pattern, highlighting the connection to the Lambeth High Street factory and the significance of this exquisite charger.

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