Early English Porcelain Tankard Mid-18th Century



A tall London porcelain tankard dating from the mid-18th century attributed to Vauxhall. It features a profusion of delicately modeled flower sprigs on the exterior. Though the mug is completely white, these flowers stand out beautifully because they are sculpted in relief and because the glaze has pooled around them creating a faint grey-blue color.

The Vauxhall factory had a short run, being in production from around 1752 to 1763. There are no factory marks for Vauxhall. Since the factory was producing for only eleven years relatively few pieces were produced, and this mug is quite rare. Vauxhall porcelain is a soft-paste porcelain made from a soapstone clay similar to Worcester porcelain. The fired porcelain has a greenish-blueish translucent appearance, which we can see on our mug especially around the molded flowers. The bottom of the tankard is unglazed.


Dm 4.38 in. x H 6.25 in.





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