Early Bow Porcelain Tankard Mid-18th Century


An early Bow Porcelain tankard dating from the mid-18th century, made 1755-1758. It features a profusion of delicately modeled prunus flower sprigs on the exterior. Though the mug is completely white, these flowers stand out beautifully because they are sculpted in sharp relief, and because the glaze has pooled around them creating a faint grey-blue color.

Like our mug, the mugs of Bow Porcelain are characterized by flat bases with double scratch marks, and a blued glaze which pooled giving a ‘thundercloud’ effect where thick: around the top, the impressed decoration, and the base.                                        Bow Porcelain is soft-paste porcelain.                                                                                                                                                                        The bottom of the tankard is unglazed.


Dm 4.38 in. x H 6.25 in.





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