Large Antique Chinese Porcelain Punch Bowl Hand Painted Qianlong Period circa 1760


An altogether fabulous bowl! This large antique Chinese punch bowl was hand painted in the Qianlong period circa 1760.    The hand-painted Famille Rose decoration is exquisite and vibrant. We see lifelike carp beautifully painted in pink and orange swimming among stylized lotus inside the bowl. In Chinese tradition, fish swimming among lotus is a wish for continued success, and they inspire me. They are so well painted that we can almost feel them move around in the bowl. They look or swim upward, symbolizing the owner’s success in upward movement in society. Above the fish, the border on the rim shows clouds on turquoise ground and waterlilies with waves on iron-red ground.                                                                                                                     Painted on the outside of the bowl are superb pink and white peonies and beautiful clusters of plum tree flowers painted in cheerful pale yellow and pink. The colors are heightened by the green leaves that surround them. Truly magnificent.

Dimensions: 15.75″ diameter x 6.75″ tall

Condition: Current condition is excellent. A 3″ hairline was impeccably invisibly restored. The bottom of the well has original slight firing imperfections visible only if one looks very closely (See enlarged image #3).

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Background of Famille Rose Chinese porcelain

Famille Rose porcelain was created in early 18th century China during the reign of The Kangxi Emporer (1654–1722). It is defined by the presence of pink color overglaze enamels. We see a range of enamel colors on this bowl, from pale pink to deep red. See P B Welch’s “Chinese Art A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery” for more information on Chinese goldfish, peonies, and plum blossoms.

Of particular interest are the following: pages 28 and 98, Goldfish… their name is a homophone for the two symbolic components of material success in Chinese life: “gold with” ( jin) and “jade” (yu) when combined with other elements, they symbolize endless good wishes and congratulations. And on pages 34 and 38, Love of peonies for their bold size and colors is a Chinese tradition. They symbolize riches and honor. The flowering plum is the first fruit tree to bloom at the end of the winter. Chinese tradition associates it with endurance, hope, beauty, purity, and the transitory nature of life.

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