Extra Large Delft Blue and White Charger Made, 1680-1700


We are proud to offer this beautiful Dutch delft blue and white charger made in the late 17th century, circa 1680-1690. The decoration is a finely painted replica of Chinese Kraak porcelains made in the second half of the 1600s. As imports from China dwindled during a Chinese civil war, Dutch potters rushed to fill an opportunity in the Dutch marketplace. Their first pieces were replicas of Chinese designs.
For a reference. see the Hans Syz collection at the Metropolitan Museum item 1995.268.3. Comparing the Chinese porcelain dish in the Hans Syz collection with the Dutch delft dish in our collection, we see that the two dishes are related. In both pieces, the center shows similar ducks at the water’s edge. In both scenes, the center scene is encircled by an eight-sided border with sunflowers alternating with Chinese symbols of good fortune.

Dimensions: 15.5″ diameter

Condition: Excellent