German Faience Pierced Basket Made by Johann Jacob Kaiser Circa 1808


This rustic white faience basket has an oval pierced body around a solid bottom.
It is modeled on a wicker basket, a popular motif for late 18th and early 19th-century Continental ceramics.
Made to hold bread, this was a valuable item at the kitchen table in the morning.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Today it could be filed with flowers!
The basket was manufactured circa 1808 at the Durlach factory in Germany. At that time, Durlach (Baden) was one of many German centers of faience production.
The Durlach factory was founded In 1723 by J H Wackenfeld. Until 1818 there was no factory mark, but artists signed their work; among the most prominent was Johann Jacob Kaiser (1773–1835), who signed his works with a black “K” (see Image #6).
After 1818 the factory’s earthenware was marked “Durlach.”*
Dimensions: 7.25 length x 5.2″ width x 2.5” height
Condition: Excellent with small original firing defects on the basket floor (see image #3).                                        The underside with paper label for the Sammlung Collection
* See: E. Petrasch: Durlacher Fayencen, 1723×847 (exh. cat., Karlsruhe, Bad. Landesmus., 1975) Durlacher Fayencen (exh. cat., Mannheim, Städt. Reiss-Mus., 1978) R. Simmermacher

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