Neoclassical Greek Revival Ewer



A small Neoclassical Greek Revival style pitcher by Italian ceramicist Giustiniani. The Italian porcelain vase, or ewer, is painted like Ancient Greek pottery. With classical figures painted in black and red on a white ground, it features an unidentified mythological scene in a continuous narrative with a king and an angel. The mouth has a border of stylized acanthus leaves on an orange ground. The base has a geometric border on an orange ground matching that of the mouth.

Decorated in Classical style after Greek pottery.

Made in the factory of the Giustiniani Family which began making fine ceramics in Naples in the 18th century. The bottom of the pitcher has impressed Giustiniani marks.


D 5 in. x W 3.5 in. x H 5.75 in.






The Giustiniani family pottery manufactury was in production for about 100 years, circa 1750-1850. The factory is well-known for beautiful interpretations of classic Greek and Etruscan vases.

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