Large Antique Chinese Porcelain Punch Bowl Famille Rose


A pair of vigorous dragons with a pair of splendid phoenixes grace the exterior of the bowl. In traditional Chinese symbolism, a dragon represents power and the male world while a phoenix stands for beauty and the female domain. In traditional Chinese philosophy the combination of a dragon and a phoenix symbolize the harmony of yang and yin, two fundamental elements that were believed to be the original and continuing force in every aspect of the universe. Further, in Chinese culture the pairing of dragon and phoenix is a metaphor for a harmonious union of a married couple. The dragons and phoenixes are surrounded by blossoming peonies, flaming pearls, and pomegranates, all of which convey good wishes of beauty, strength, and fertility.

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The painter of this bowl used a variety of joyful colors, ranging from lemon yellow to jade green and rose pink to execute the patterns on the bowl. The rich pigments are indeed visually attractive and give the porcelain profound liveliness.  The interior of the bowl is more restrained in the use of color. The rim is decorated with a pale green band of flowers including chrysanthemums, peonies, morning glories, and plum blossoms. The interior of the bowl is adorned with a Han-style tile pattern and cloud scrolls, auspicious symbols of longevity.

This marvelous brightly colored punch bowl was made in the Guangxu reign of the Great Qing dynasty. The foot of the bowl is inscribed in red ink with six characters reading “Made in the Guangxu Reign of the Great Qing Dynasty.” Above the Chinese inscription, an English mark “CHINA” can be found.

This extraordinary punch bowl will be a wonderful décor for a traditional or modern home owner, who is looking for something captivating in appearance and enlightening in significance.


diameter 15.5





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