Large Wedgwood Black Basalt Bowl



A large Wedgwood black basalt engine turned bowl decorated around the outside with a simple band of chevrons at the top, and a band of wide vertical cuts below that. The vertical cuts are wide and deep enough that you can see the texture of the material. Interior designers have often recommended that you have something black and something red in a room. This bowl filled with pine cones, green apples, or lemons will enhance a room.

The bottom of the bowl has an impressed “Wedgwood” mark. This bowl is part of our large collection of Wedgwood Black Basalt. We also have a pair of 19th century Wedgwood Black Basalt urns and a pair of Black Basalt covered urns. In addition we have in our collection a Wedgwood Black Basalt jar in a Native American Style. Click here to see our collection of Black Basalt.


H 4.25 in. x Dm 10.25 in.






Black Basalt was created by Josiah Wedgwood in the 18th century. Wedgwood transformed Egyptian black, a traditional Staffordshire stoneware, into Wedgwood Black Basalt. Before Wedgwood’s innovation the English potters used material found in the ground around local coal deposits to make Egyptian black. Wedgwood used this native material but added manganese to obtain a much richer black for his Black Basalt.

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