Massive Chinese Blue and White Punch Bowl Decorated with Fish


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WHY WE LOVE IT: As an interesting aside, fish swimming in ponds creates the Chinese pun “qing bai lian jie,” meaning “honesty and integrity.”

We are pleased to offer this massive hand painted Chinese blue and white punch bowl with decoration based on the popular fish-and-aquatic plants motif. This motif was frequently painted on blue and white porcelain beginning in the Yuan-era (1271-1368). The exterior of the bowl is painted in deep and vibrant tones of underglaze blue. We see fish swimming singly and in pairs in an underwater jungle of lotus and water weeds. Lotus panels encircle the base of the bowl. The well in the interior of the bowl is painted with a single fish swimming amidst lotus and water weeds. The top rim has a design known in Chinese tradition as waves and tides. The underside of the everted rim is decorated with a pattern of rolling waves.

The underside of the bowl is unglazed showing the underlying stoneware (see images #14).


19.75″ diameter x 8.25″ height


Good. From the original firing of the bowl there are fine light brown lines in the well of the bowl radiating outwards. The well also has several brown iron stains (see image #10)



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