Pair Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Moon Flasks Qing Dynasty Circa 1880


This pair of Chinese porcelain moon flasks are hand painted with lovely white plum blossom flowers on a deep cobalt blue ground.
They were made in the late 19th century during the Qing Dynasty transitional Guangxu period, circa 1880.
The harmonious contrast between the immaculate white blossoms and the deep blue is exquisite!
The elegant round bodies rise from a traditional short foot.
Perfect for placement on a mantle, they measure 8.75″ tall x 6″ wide x 2.5″ deep.
The undersides show faux Kangxi marks.
The marks honor tradition as the blue and white plum blossom pattern was one of the favorite patterns of the Kangxi Emperor.
Faux marks on Chinese porcelain have been quite common for centuries.
Each generation justified these marks as a way to honor their ancestors.
These flasks encapsulate the finest qualities of Chinese porcelain, blending artistic beauty, historical significance, and superb craftsmanship.

Condition: Excellent, the reverse has an original kiln mark that can be seen in photo # 6

For images and information on Chinese porcelain with similar plum blossom decoration on a blue ground, see Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Ginger jar, unknown maker, 1683 – 1710, Jingdezhen, China. Museum no. C.820&A-1910. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
And, Chinese Blue and White Porcelain by Duncan Macintosh, pg 71, plate 51.

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Since its creation in the 14th century, Chinese and overseas consumers have long appreciated Chinese blue and white porcelain.
Blue and white porcelain production peaked during the 18th century when Emperor Qianlong and wealthy Qing customers patronized a significant quantity of blue and white products. In the 19th century, the love for blue and white porcelains continued, and they were beloved decors in Qing interior design. In addition, the Aesthetic Movement launched in England further fanned the “blue and white fever” fire in the late 19th century, which continues to this day.

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