Pair Large Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Chargers Kangxi Era, circa 1700


This pair of extraordinary chargers is hand-painted in a combination of beautifully soft and dark cobalt blue. In the center, we see a pair of splendid phoenixes, a male and a female, chasing each other across the sky. The male flies above with his head turned to look at the female. Peonies float between them. This dynamic mythical scene is exciting and exquisite.
In Chinese tradition, both peonies and phoenixes have important symbolic meanings. Peonies symbolize royalty, rank, wealth, and honor and are much loved for their bold size and colors. A phoenix is said to appear only during the reign of a righteous emperor. That association with peaceful and benevolent times means that a phoenix symbolizes a wish for prosperity and righteousness.*
A band of dark blue bat-form design encircling the central scene reinforces the symbolic wish for good fortune and happiness.
The underside of each dish has the Artemesia leaf mark and is of the Kangxi period (see images).

Dimensions: 13.8″ in diameter x 2.5″ in height

Condition: Excellent with the very, very slightest rubbing to the edges

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Background of Kangxi Blue and White Porcelain

The chargers are characteristic of the outstanding Chinese blue and white porcelain manufactured during the reign of the Kangxi Emperor. According to Sir Harry Garner, author of Oriental Blue and White, “The Kangxi blue and white reached a technical excellence that has never been surpassed. The porcelain pure white and of fine texture is covered with a glaze of slightly blueish tint…”

* See Chinese Art A Guide to Motifs and Visual Imagery by P B Welch pgs. 34-36 and 83. Also, see Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art by T T Bartholomew.


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