Pair of Antique Blue and White Chinese Porcelain Vases



This pair of Kangxi era blue and white vases are elegantly painted with lovely naturalistic scenes. Taihu rocks, plum blossoms, and bamboo stalks neatly adorn the smooth surface of each oil-drop shaped bottle. We see plum blossoms which are symbols of beauty and integrity, and evergreen bamboo which stands for persistence and rectitude.

For hundreds of years, cultured Chinese families have been using taihu rocks to decorate their private estates. These rocks add a naturalistic and classical touch to the manicured gardens. Together, these auspicious plants and beloved rocks convey joy and strength to viewers.

This design was especially popular during the early Kangxi period, as blue and white shards painted with rocks and floral subjects were excavated from Kangxi era Jingdezhen private kiln sites as well as early 18th century Chinese shipwrecks sunk in the South China Sea.

This pair of vases are rendered in a more spontaneous painting style which is different from later Kangxi wares on which decorative patterns bear careful delineation and clear color gradations. Furthermore, the crisp cobalt color, freehand brush execution, and relatively sparse composition all suggest that the decoration of this pair of vases falls directly into the category of late Transitional-style porcelains. Compared with early Transitional wares (circa 1620-1650), the pair of vases boast higher-quality cobalt pigment, a more durable body, and well-glazed rims. These attributes distinguish the pair from late Ming trade ceramics that were mass manufactured and often mediocre in quality.

This refined and naturalistic pair of blue and white vases will beautify any contemporary or traditional home with their attractive coloring and shape.


H 7.75 in. x Dm 4 in.





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