Pair of Chinese Blue and White Moon Flasks Hand Painted Qing Dynasty, circa 1880


This pair of hand painted Chinese blue and white moon flasks date to the 19th century of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The body of each vase is fully decorated with a pair of fabulous dragons and floral scroll patterns all executed in a freehand and vibrant style. The pair of dragons represent the forces of nature and are meant to be awe inspiring. They symbolize the protection which that awesome power coveys. The flower design in the center of the body is reminiscent of Xifan hua, or “Flowers of the Western Regions,” an important decoration that can often be identified on earlier Qing porcelains. The decorative handles on each moon flask are in the form of two chi-dragons, designs that can be found on classical bronzes. This gives these Qing era moon flasks an archaic touch. In Chinese society, archaic designs originating from the Prehistoric dynasties of Shang and Zhou (circa 3000 BCE) are thought be unparalleled in their historic and artistic value.

These exquisite flasks would be a good companion to any traditional or contemporary home.

Dimensions: 9.85″ tall x 7″ wide x 2.5″ deep

Condition: Excellent with a very small, 1/4 inch flake on the inside of the mouth of the vase invisibly restored.

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