Pair of Large Antique Luneville Lions, France c.1800


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A pair of large antique Luneville faience lions made in France circa 1800. They are a true pair made to be displayed together. Each lion is shown resting on a green sponged plinth with his tail curled over his back. The lions’ legs, paws, tails, and faces are painted gray-blue. Their white bodies have gray-blue markings, and their yellow manes, ears, and eyebrows have manganese markings. Their mouths, nostrils, and pupils are painted in red.

These majestic lions have a commanding presence. Placed on the floor, on a wide mantle, or a pair of tables they would add excitement to any room.


H 14.5 in. x W 18 in. x D 8.5 in.

Condition: Excellent               Price: $10,600


Jacques Chambrette Senior initially started the first fine pottery works in Lorraine in 1711. His son began in 1722 by trading faience in Lunéville. He built his own factory there in 1730, just before he obtained the royal permission. He formulated a new type of earthenware called “terre de Lorraine” in 1748 based on the study of English potteries.

At the time, Lorraine was an independent state. France levied heavy taxes on goods imported from there, so in 1758 Jacques Chambrette established an additional factory in Saint-Clément, Meurthe-et-Moselle, only seven miles away, but located on French territory to escape those duties.

In 1786 Sébastien Keller bought Luneville from the Chambrette family. For the next 137 years, the Keller family controlled the company. The factory’s products had a worldwide reputation.

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