Qing Chinese Porcelain Bowl with the “Longevity” Character


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We are delighted to offer this small gem of Chinese porcelain art.

This beautiful 19th-century Qing Chinese porcelain bowl is decorated with vegetation, flowers, and the Chinese character shou, meaning longevity. The shou character executed in the seal script style, is inscribed on the outer wall four times. This auspicious character has long been cherished by people in China for over 2,000 years, and was widely incorporated in Ming-Qing porcelain decoration. The character is seen as a wish for longevity and immortality.

The outer wall of the bowl is richly enameled with a bright yellow background, upon which green leaves and rose-colored flowers are depicted. The pattern gracing the inside of the bowl further echoes the theme of longevity. A peach is depicted with luxuriant leaves against a yellow backdrop.

According to Daoist legend, Queen Mother of the West grew peaches of longevity in her heavenly garden. It was believed that these peaches could help anyone who eats them achieve immortality.

Together, the decorations on the bowl clearly convey the blessing of longevity to its viewers.

At the bottom of the bowl, we find a six-character inscription reading “Made in the Yongzheng Reign of the Great Qing Dynasty.”


H 2.5 in. x Dm 4.75 in.





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