Rare Antique Mochaware Mug



A rare Mochaware mug or tankard, slip¹ decorated with both vertical and horizontal lines in three shades of brown.

Our mug is a cream colored (creamware) earthenware quart mug which has been dipped in brown slip then worked on a vertical lathe to cut through the slip coating to create the vertical creamware lines. After the slip dried sufficiently the mug would have then been transferred to another lathe where the horizontal lines of light brown and dark brown slip would have been added. It was an intricate process.


Most of our collection of mochaware was made in England. The largest  center for the production of mochaware in England was in the north of Staffordshire, but there were many other producing centers. We also have in our collection a piece of French mochaware which has a distinctive swirling design. Later in the 19th century some mochaware was made in America. However, the finest pieces, in our opinion,  come from England.

¹Slip is clay to which water has been added. In making mocha the slip was often mixed together with oxides to create a variety of colors.


H 5.5 in. x Dm 4.25 in.






For more information on Mochaware see:  “Mocha and Related Dipped Wares ” by Jonathan Rickard.

D. Carpentier and J. Rickard, “Slip Decoration in the Age of Industrialization” Ceramics in America 2001.

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