Saint-Cloud Blue and White Soft-Paste Porcelain Cup and Saucer



A Saint-Cloud soft-paste, blue and white cup and saucer. Saint-Cloud was one of the first factories in Europe to produce porcelains beginning in 1702. Our founder, Edith Wolf, would often remark that white Saint-Cloud porcelains look like ice cream when its just about to melt. The blue and white decoration on porcelain produced at Saint-Cloud was influenced by late Ming blue and white porcelain: its motifs were based on the original Chinese designs.

According to W.B. Honey the typical blue-painted Saint-Cloud Porcelain “is one of the most distinct and attractive of porcelains and not the least part of its charm lies in the quality of the material itself.” This soft-paste trembleuse cup and saucer are marked with the Saint-Cloud “S” mark.


H 3.25 in. x Dm 5 in.






For an image of this pattern see Porcelains De Saint-Cloud, La Collection Du Musee Des Arts Decoratifs image #80.


Circa 1720 the factory began to produce this type of blue and white wares. After 1740 the factory cut back almost all production of blue and white and concentrated on production of polychrome and white wares. This trembleuse cup and saucer is a beautiful piece of very early French porcelain.

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