Set 58 Coalport Imari Dishes Dinner Plates Soup/Pasta Bowls Salad/Dessert Plates England circa 1820


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A set of beautiful, hand-painted Coalport Porcelain Imari dishes consisting of:
two dozen dinner plates,
17 soup/pasta bowls,
and 17 salad/dessert plates.
These exquisite Coalport Porcelain plates date to the Regency period circa 1820. The plates have a vivid palette of orange, deep cobalt blue, and gold. The decoration goes all the way to the gilded edge, so there is no separate border design. We see large orange flowers, cobalt leaves, and delicate golden tendrils.
Dimensions: diameter of dinner plates: 9.75″, diameter of soup/pasta bowls: 9.65″, diameter of Salad/Dessert plates: 8.25.”
Condition: Excellent
Price for the set of 58 dishes $13,600.
Background of Imari porcelains:
In the late 17th century, Japanese potters in Arita first made export porcelains with iron-red, cobalt blue, and elaborate gilt designs to cater to European consumers. As the wares were shipped abroad from the port of Imari, this category of brilliantly enameled porcelain was conventionally known as “Imari ware.” From the 18th century, English artisans followed the Japanese example and manufactured similar Imari-style porcelain products, which they called “Japan” patterns.