Set of Nine Large French Modern Stoneware Chargers in 18th C Salt-Glazed Style


A set of nine French modern stoneware chargers made in the 18th-century salt-glazed “Reeded” style. The chargers were made in France by Poterie Milon S in Dieulefit, in the last part of the 20th century. These chargers would look great paired with any colorful plate.

Dimensions: 11.75″ diameter x 1.25″ height

Condition: Excellent with the very, very slightest knife marks

References: For an image of a “Reeded” 18th-century stoneware plate, see Salt-Glazed Stoneware in Early America J Skerry and S F Hood page 232 Pattern F2.

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One story about early salt glaze In America is that the salt glaze technique was discovered in about 1680 by chance. An earthen vessel filled with brine to cure salt pork was placed on the fire for cooking. The person watching the fire left and forgot about it. The brine boiled over, the pot became red hot, and the sides of the pot were salt glazed. A local potter heard about the accident, utilized the discovery, and the salt glaze technique was born.

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