Sèvres Porcelain Dish Made 1793-1798 Marked Painted by D. Massy & Sèvres



We are pleased to offer this beautiful, hand-painted Sèvres porcelain dish which typifies the exquisite French style of the eighteenth century.

The colors and design create a sense of movement, intensity and life. The center is decorated with a bouquet of flowers painted in orchid pink. Around the center bouquet is a gilt circle entwined with blue morning glories on a vine. The wide border is decorated with the same flowers, with green and gilded leaves.

The marks on the back of the dish indicate that the dish was hand-painted by D. Massy who worked at the Sèvres Porcelain factory from 1793-1798.


H 2 in. x Dm 8 in.






In the early 18th century, porcelain was one of the most highly prized commodities in the world. Only the very wealthy could afford objects made of this fragile material, which was shipped at great expense from the Far East. Although the first ‘true’ porcelain in Europe was made by Böttger at Meissen in Germany, the French quickly followed. Soft paste porcelain was produced at Chantilly, St Cloud and at Vincennes from 1738. In 1751 Vincennes became the factory of Louis XV and soon after became known as Sèvres. Sèvres quickly began to distance itself from its German competitor, and by the 1750s had developed forms and decoration uniquely its own. By the 1780’s the factory was producing hard paste porcelain.

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