Six Antique Pierced Creamware Dinner Plates Made in England, circa 1790



18th century pierced creamware is simple elegant and beautiful. We are proud to present this extraordinary set of six antique pierced creamware dinner plates made in England, circa 1790.

These late 18th century plates have heart and clover leaf shaped piercings in the border, and a raised edge typical of this period. They are simple and extraordinarily beautiful.


Diameter 9.5″




$3650 for the six plates

Background of creamware:

Creamware is the name given to a type of earthenware pottery which is made from white clays from Dorset and Devonshire combined with an amount of calcined flint. Creamware was first produced in England some time before 1740. Foremost of the pioneers of creamware in the Staffordshire Potteries was Thomas Whieldon. He produced a wide variety of creamware. The young Josiah Wedgwood was in partnership with Thomas Whieldon from 1754-1759, and when Wedgwood left to set up his own business, he immediately directed his efforts to the development of creamware. Many of the Staffordshire Potteries learned from Whieldon and Wedgwood and developed their own creamware products.