“Sky After the Rain” Chinese Clair de Lune Bowl



The soft color of this Chinese clair de lune chrysanthemum bowl comes from the glazing technique, which employed a glaze with a small cobalt content to achieve the pale blue hue. The Chinese call this hue of blue, tian lan you, “sky after the rain.”

This beautiful bowl has a scalloped rim and fluting on the exterior walls, a nod to the “chrysanthemum” shape of ancient Chinese pottery. Another interesting feature is the swirl pattern on the bottom of the bowl.


H 3.25 in. x Dm 7 in.


Excellent. Minor specks from original firing on the bottom well of the bowl.




Clair-de-lune glaze was produced at the Imperial kiln during the Kangxi period (1662-1722). It was one of the most successful monochrome glazes made at Jingdezhen during the Kangxi period. The softest hue of claire-de-lune was reserved exclusively for Imperial porcelains.

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