Set of Spode Dishes with Chinoiserie Motif



A set of ten dessert plates and a pair of shell-shaped dishes brightly colored and decorated with the objects of good luck. They have a floral border painted in enamels of greens, pinks, orange and yellow on a bright white ground.

Made by Spode ca. 1820.


Spode was founded by Josiah Spode in 1770 in Stoke-on-Trent. After some early trials, Spode perfected a stoneware, an extremely refined stoneware that came closer to porcelain than any previously, and introduced his “Stone-China” in 1813. It was light in body, greyish-white, and gritty where it was not glazed and approached translucence in the early wares; later Stone-Ware became opaque. Spode pattern books, which record about 75,000 patterns, survive from about 1800.

Dessert Plates

1 inch height

7.9 inches diameter

Shell Plates

1.75 inches height

7.75 inches diameter





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