The Collection of Mario Buatta “God Save the King” Chinese Export Porcelain Mug


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The Private Collection of Mario Buatta
This 18th-century Chinese porcelain mug is hand-painted with a crown above the motto “God Save the King” and the initials “GR” for George Regis, all depicted beneath laurel leaves and swags of purple cloth.
It is the perfect mug for an Anglophile like Mario.
It was made for the English market circa 1770, indicating that “GR” stands for King George III.
The regal theme is enhanced by the single large peony painted on each side of the mug. In Chinese tradition, peonies are known as the king of flowers and symbolize royalty.
Dimensions: 5″ height x 3″ diameter
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1460
Purple is the color of royalty.