Three 18th Century Creamware Leaf Dishes



A set of three 18th century creamware leaf dishes, made in England circa 1760. These crisply modeled leaves are decorated with raised berries. They have the exceptional modeling typical of the quality of the early creamware pottery made in the 18th century.

The dishes can be purchased individually for the following prices:

  • Small: 5.63 inches at widest point, 0.6 inches in depth, $1,100
  • Medium: 6.35 inches at widest point, 0.85 inches in depth, $1,200
  • Large: 7.75 inches at widest point, 0.85 inches in depth, $1,500

Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing separately.

Over the last decade 18th-century creamware has become harder and harder to find, especially in the condition which we offer.


Creamware is the name given to a type of earthenware pottery which is made from white clays from Dorset and Devonshire combined with an amount of calcined flint. This body is the same as that used for salt-glazed stoneware, but it is fired at a lower temperature (around 800 °C as opposed to 1,100 to 1,200 °C). The white clays ensured a fine body and the addition of flint improved its resistance to thermal shock during firing, while flint added to the glaze helped prevent crazing.

Creamware was first produced in England some time before 1740. Foremost of the pioneers of creamware in the Staffordshire potteries was Thomas Whieldon. He produced a wide variety of creamware. The young Josiah Wedgwood was in partnership with Thomas Whieldon from 1754-1759 and when Wedgwood left to set up his own business at Ivy House, he immediately directed his efforts to the development of creamware.

Wedgwood improved creamware by introducing china-clay into both the body and glaze and so was able to produce creamware of a much paler color, lighter and stronger and more delicately worked, perfecting the ware by circa 1770. His superior creamware, known as ‘Queen’s ware’, was supplied to Queen Charlotte and Catherine the Great and became hugely popular. The Wedgwood formula was gradually adopted by most of the English pottery manufacturers.

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